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Beatiful bike tours on Ærø   ÆRØSKØBING In the middle of the north coast of Ærø you will find Ærøskøbing - the best preserved 18th Century town in Denmark. Ærøskøbing, with its cobbled streets, hollyhocks and small well-kept houses with many curious details, has a real idyllic appearance.


Only a few minutes walk from the town and harbour is the peaceful beach of Vesterstrand, with its many colourful beach huts. To get to Ærø you can take a ferry from Faaborg, Svendborg or Fynshavn on Als. The ferry from Svendborg to Ærø docks at Ærøskøbing. One of the ferries on this route, the M/F Ærøskøbing has wonderful artistic paintwork on its sides. You can find out more about special offer on one-day tours for pedestrians and cyclist on the Ærø Ferry here

There are three  routes around Ærø in the book:

Tour No. 15: The Ærø Route (visiting Marstal)

Around the Archipelago in One Day:
Tour No. 16.1: The Søby to Ærøskøbing Route 
Tour No. 16.2: The Svendborg to Faaborg Route 
There are route descriptions covering approx. 80 km

You can find more information and facts about Ærø here
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